Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rite Aid Recap

Rite Aid is smoking hot this week! So many money makers, some you don't even need coupons for! Everything in the picture below was a money maker!!!

  • Air Wick Candles B1G1 Free, priced at $5.99. When you buy $10 worth of Air Wick get $3 + Up, Use 4 $3/1 from 11/14 SS=after coupons -2 cents, after + Ups $3.02 money maker!
  • Colgate Sensitive $3.50, use 0.75/1 from 12/5 SS, get $3.50 +Up=75 cents money maker!
  • Hormel Complete $1.99, use $1 flu book coupon, get $1 + Up=1 cent money maker!
  • Advil $4.99 (4 day sale price), use $1/1 from 12/12 RP, Use $1 video value coupon, get $1 + Up, and $1 SCR, AND $3 + Up for (4 day sale price)=$2.01 money maker!

No coupons needed:

  • Rite Aid Tape B1G1 Free $1.49 for 2, get $2 +Up=51 cent money maker!
  • Revlon Beauty Tools 40% off, Emery Boards 75 cents each, get $1 SCR and $2 + Up on 2=$1.50 money maker!
  • "Great Value Toys" 25% off, get $2 + Up for each toy, these figures and some puzzles are priced at 99 cents, so ring up at 74 cents each=I paid for 6 and got $12 + Up back, so $7.56 money maker!
  • *There are plenty of all these still available too!
So what did I do with my Huggies, Kushyfoots, 2 Nestle 24 pack waters, Oreo cookies, and Dixie plates

My huge receipt! I got back $28.50 in + Ups, plus I will get $2 SCR and this will put me over the top for my gift of savings! I did use $3 + Ups to pay (so adding that back in) the net for this trip was $3.67, of which $2.40 was bottle deposits!

  1. Didn't add any to my rebate envelope
  2. Spent $31.17 out of pocket...I wanted to get some of these money makers and I wanted to make sure I got my gift of savings. (Retail this week would have been $102.06)
  3. Retail Amount to date: $2611.11
  4. Amount spent out of pocket in 2010: $272.07

Oh, I love shopping trips like this!

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  1. Good job!! I have kinda lost my Rite Aid mojo for the time being. I just don't want anything badly enough to drive there! But I have some up rewards I need to spend, so I need to get there.