Thursday, December 2, 2010

Potty Training Freebies and Diaper Mailing Lists

I have been trying to get my 2 year old out of diapers by the time the new baby gets here, but she is not interested. Sigh. After 3 go arounds on the whole potty training thing, each kid at a different degree of difficulty, I have decided until they decide they are is a feeble attempt on my part. However, there are some resources out there that just might be the "thing" that helps them turn the corner.

Pull Ups has a Potty Training DVD, I am not sure if this is a new one or not, but it should comes with coupons and possible a sample. Also keep your eye on for when they start taking applications for the March 5, 2011 Pulls Up House Party. I was selected for this last year, you can read about it here. If your baby is younger, you will still want to collect Enjoy the Ride Huggies Reward points (found in each package). You can use these points to play instant win games, enter sweeps, or redeem for prizes, including high value coupons. Huggies also have boxtops 4 education on every pack, so save those for the schools :)

Easy Ups also have a potty training kit. You can choose between Dora and Diego (girl or boy) and then get samples, coupons, stickers, rewards certificates, and more. Don't forget to save those Pampers Points that are located on every pack of diapers/Easy Ups and pack of wipes. (I have saved through nearly 3 kids now and am saving up for the stroller...only about 1000 away :) I have ordered Legos and DVDs in the past and the kids have loved them.

And for any age baby (even if you are pregnant)...sign up at
huggies and pampers and luvs to get great coupons, period free samples, and special offers delivered right to your mail box. Just today I got a flier from Pampers with coupons for diapers, wipes, Dreft, batteries, and baby meds.

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