Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Food for Thought

Deals by Dawn's guide to cashier ratings:

***** A five star cashier makes you feel like you are her favorite customer. They use adjective like "amazing", "incredible", and "brilliant" They compliment you and are excited to see how much you save. You have earned their trust and they know you are going to use coupons correctly.

**** A four star cashier scans your coupons quickly and efficiently. They don't question anything and push through everything (including your handmade catalina...not saying to do this, just saying they would push it through...) They are usually just trying to customers in and out quickly.

*** A three star cashier plays by all the rules. They aren't really impressed that you coupon, but they are offended either. They will move you through quickly, but won't let you get away with anything.

** 1/2 A two and 1/2 star cashier is a oblivious to couponing. They have no idea you spent an hour planning this transaction. If it doesn't scan they don't know why and they don't investigate the issue. They are usually newbies, but the good thing is they are trainable and friendly.

** A two star cashier see you in the line and instantly has a spike in blood pressure. You make them nervous. They will double check everything and not let you use everything (even if it is good). They will probably call the manager over, take forever to check you out, and basically kill your shopping high.

* A one star cashier will ruin your trip. They will be rude and treat you like a shoplifter. They will be grumpy and not let you use a lot of your coupons. They may make you want to cry, but don't.

After shopping a little you can scope out a five, four, or three pretty well. Always try to find a five, four, or three, it will make your life easier. My pet peeve is when I am in my favorite five's line and they suddenly open up a new line to hurry things along. How do you politely say, "but she is a 5, and you are a 2..." Which brings me to another point, they have an express lane, a "family" lane, and a self-check lane, why don't they have a couponer's lane with only 5 star cashiers?

One more thing, when you get a five or a one, drop the company an email or phone call, they should know about your experience, especially a good 5 star one. Wouldn't you just love to make that cashier's day after she treated you so well.


  1. I'm willing place money on the fact that there are more 4 or 5 star checkers at stores that are NOT Walmart! The gals (or sometimes guys) at Smiths, Albertsons, Harmons and even our brand new WinCo are usually lots lots nicer!

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  3. Just wondering … how do self-checkouts usually rank (if you've ever used them). Seems like most coupons these days have barcodes, so the self checkout should pretty much be a three-star checker.

  4. Well, since I am my own checker at self-checkouts, I am definately a five!

  5. But to answer your question Steven. Most self-checkouts I have used, the coupons still have to go through the cashier that is manning the self-checkouts. You just hand them over when you are done scanning your items, so again it varies on how coupon friendly that particular cashier is.