Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rite Aid Deals for 10/11-10/17

What is better than free? How about 13 freebates at Rite Aid this week!
That's right I said 13, things that might come in handy for flu season. Check out the last page of the ad at iheart rite aid
The included products are:
*Bee MD throat drops cough suppressants
*Beyond Bodiheat pain relieving pads
*Breath Again nasal spray
*Carmex lip balm 3 pk
*Carmex moisture plus lip balm
*Children's throat coolers
*Chloroseptic allergen block gel
*Dr. Thompson's coldwar
*Poligrip denture adhesive cream
*Simply Saline children's nasal mist
*Simply Saline nasal mist cold methanol
*Sinus or allergy buster
*Sucrets throat lozenges

Beginner deal: Take this $5 off $25 coupon, purchase over $25 of above items, profit roughly $5.

Intermediate deal: Do beginners deal, but add some manufacturer's coupons. Check out my frugal adventures for the coupons matchups.

Advanced deal: This is what we call "double dipping." There is a promo running this week, spend $30 on P & G products, get a $10 Rite Aid gift card back. Two of the products on the list, also correspond with a P & G rebate for Olay, which is buy an Olay Regenerist Eye Roller and one Pantene shampoo or conditioner and a get $20 rebate. These two products total over $25, so you need about $5 more (in P & G products) and then you will qualify for both rebates, and get your full $30 back. How exciting is that? Of course, you can add in some of the freebates or coupons in the above link to get even more bang for your buck!

Confused about how Rite Aid works? Try reading this post or email me. Don't forget this is the last week of the Gift of Savings Promotion. Remember to request your gift card, it is separate from your rebate check.
Just a couple more notes of exciting things happening this week
*There will be Albertsons doublers in the Sunday paper, so look for them.
*Walgreens has a Huggies Diaper Promo this week. Buy two packs at $9 each, get $4 back in Register Rewards. There is a new Huggies online coupon too (print it twice). If you need to review how Walgreens works please read a thrifty mom. There is no limit to deals at Walgreens, however you cannot roll the Register Rewards to the same deal, so read the link above to clarify the rules.

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