Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Store Secrets: Card Carrying Member

It seems like every store wants you to get their card these days. (I am not talking about their credit cards either.) I was curious what cards I was carrying and here are my results:
*MasterCuts (10 haircuts get one free)
*Hallmark (coupon in the mail when you spend so much)
*Sears Portrait Studio (free sitting fee, free 8 x 10)
*Maurices Take Ten (spend $250 get $10 coupon-not a very good one...)
*Safeway Club (get club card prices, tracks purchases for Catalinas, gas rewards, coupon mailers)
*Macys (this one is a credit card, but I get special coupons and 2.5% back on what I spend and yes, I pay it off each month)
*Pet Co (coupon mailers)
*Staples (rebate coupons and ink recycle program)
*Borders Rewards (coupon mailers)
*Albertsons (coupon mailers, get preferred card price, tracks purchases for catalinas, gas rewards)
*Fred Meyer (rebate rewards based on purchases).

Some of these have more benefits than others obviously, but my point is they are good sources for coupons and rebates. If you are not signed up, take the extra couple of minutes next time and see the benefits for yourself, just make sure you are getting the club card and not the credit card. I am going to tell you about my "go to" store now: Fred Meyer. The reason why is it is close and they give me a rebate (a small one) on everything I buy there. So, if I am out of something or need basics, it is a good place to stock up. Here is another secret: every couponer has basics stock up trips, they have to, you can't live on cheap peanut butter and ketchup :) They will just probably never tell you about them on their blogs. I bet their husband also sometimes stops at the store and shops (gasp) without coupons (double gasp). And I am sure they run out of milk or need cupcakes for school tomorrow sometimes too. I try to be realistic about it. I try to stay in a loose budget and save money, but I don't get too upset if I spend a little more than I had planned because I am still way under what I was spending a year or two ago.
Lastly, here is an example of using some of the coupon mailers that Fred Meyer sends out quarterly. I had 20% off shoes, which I used for my husband. $2 off a $2 or more school supply purchase. I got these pencils, which my daughter needed for homework for .19. Also, $2 off a $5 beauty purchase, I bought CoverGirl for $5.49, used with $1 off manufacturer's coupon, and an instore coupon (free mascara with any Cover Girl purchase) to get both items for $2.49. These are all things we needed, but because I had my Rewards card, I was able to earn rewards and get them for cheaper. Do you take advantage of the club cards?

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