Monday, October 12, 2009

Step #5 Planning your shopping trip

I know it sounds boring and time consuming, which it can be, but this is why you plan your trip.
Spent $94.01, saved $182.84!!!

There is no way, even if I had the best coupon binder ever, I could have done this without planning my trip first. Now it took me about two hours to get it all together and organized, but two hours is definitely worth $185 of my time!

Several years ago, I made a list of all my families favorite recipes, (50 total). Then I broke that list down into five separate ingredients lists that I rotate and take to the store. The problem was I was still spending, a lot! Since I have couponed, I do it different. Each week, I look at what is one sale, what coupons I have, and what we need (produce, milk, juice, eggs, etc...). Then I go shopping. About once a month or so I take one of my big recipe list to the store, only now I have bought a lot of it at cheaper prices on different weeks. So now, I only have to get the fill in ingredients that are missing. My family still has their favorite meals and I still saved money. So here it is summarized:

1) First, look over the ads and blogs! Find out what is really a good deal!

2) Decide what you actually need or will use based on what is on sale.

3) Find (or print) matching coupons.

4) Make up some sort of list that works, organize it in a way that works for you, especially if you are trying to do complicated deals.

5) Bring your list and your coupons to the store!! (what to do in the store is next)

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