Thursday, October 29, 2009

Store Secrets: Kid Cones

We are still not 100% healthy here. I haven't been shopping in over a week now, so no pics to share. I guess that is not totally true, I went to the corner store for milk...I am not sure which was worse, how I looked, how I felt, or how much I paid for two gallons of milk. But anyway, here is your store secret for this week.

I just discovered this one day and it has been a lifesaver. McDonalds kids' cones! Sometimes they charge me a nickel a piece, but most of the time they are totally free! I usually buy a drink off the dollar menu so I don't feel so cheap and hey mom needs a treat too! Besides the price, I love these because they are small enough for a quick snack (even for my one year old), they are not too messy because they are small enough to eat fast (plus they give you tons of napkins and wet naps on request) and so convenient (drive-up window). Now you have a little leverage for dealing with you clan at the store, kid cones! Thanks McDonalds!

1 comment:

  1. Arctic Circle give out complementary cones that are just Maggie's size too! I also just discovered Target will give kids a free cup of popcorn at their snack bar. That is also a great little trick.