Thursday, November 5, 2009

Catalina, working out the bugs

So today, I had only one child with me so I decided to do some shopping! I gathered my supplies
Yes, I took all this and my toddler in the store, thankfully she doesn't request car carts yet!

Here is what I got, but...the catalina didn't print :( I asked the cashier, one of my favs, right after I paid and the catalina didn't print anything. She added it up (had to use a calculator because of the prices!) and confirmed I should have got one. So she called the manager over, another one of my favs. She said "the coupons probably mess it up, but they shouldn't have". They didn't have the override code to print out the coupons, (they have to call corporate), so they just gave me $15 cash, which is great....but

I was trying to teach you how to roll a cat. This is why I usually wait until the sale has been going a few day, so all the bugs are worked out and they have the override code. (I live in a "small" town and have only one Albertsons.) However, I did get my "rewards". It is important that you bring it up if your cat doesn't print, because they need to know of problems. One of the managers that came over, is in charge of making sure items are entered right so they trigger the catalina. When you let her know of a problem, she can fix it for the rest of us. I hope it works for you. I am probably going to give it another try on Monday, hopefully there will be doubles this weekend. Has anyone tried the deal? Did it work for you?

*Ironically, I did get two Cottonelle wipe coupons, and two future promo coupons out of the catalina machine. 1) Buy $10 in participating items, get $2 cat (picture shows Duncan Hines, Vlasic, Log Cabin, and Mrs. Butterworth) Runs from 11/1/09-11/30/09 and 2) Free diaper clutch (via mail) with any Pampers Big Pack purchase valid from 11/4/09-12/8/09. Look for $20 in coupon savings in specially marked packages too. Thanks for the info catalina, next time though, I will be expecting my $15 coups!

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