Thursday, November 19, 2009

Q & A

I got a question from a reader:

How do I know how long a catalina lasts?

Tricky question because the answer is, it depends. If a catalina is in an ad, it runs the length of the sale (like Sun-Sat or Wed-Tues). It might go over a few days, but don't count on it. The ad won't back you up if you don't get it either. However, there are unadvertised catalinas, as in they aren't in the ad, they are by word of mouth or those catalina printouts that tell you about them. The krazy coupon lady has compiled a good list of Albertson's current cat deals. Also, there is one for free butter here. In addition, I have gotten (for Albertson's):

*Solo, plates, cups, or bowls, purchase 2 get $1, 3 get $3, 4 or more get $4 (11/12-12/5)
*Free diaper clutch (via mail) when you buy Pampers Big Pack (11/4-12/8)
*Buy $10 in participating Duncan Hines/Vlasic/Log Cabin get $2 cat (11/1-11/30)

The problem with these unadvertised catalinas is that you don't have an ad to back you up if it doesn't work. There might be signs by the product, but usually not. These promos also have varying dates, so it makes it difficult to keep track. One more thing to remember, catalina is a company and not an extended feature of the store. The cashier have little to no control over what is prints out. Sometimes on big promos they might have an override code, but probably only towards the end of the sale. To learn more about the catalina company check out their website:


  1. I had an interesting catalina experience today at Target the machine printed out a coupon and the checker dude didn't even look at it or hand it to me, he just scanned it! I actually had the same coupon in my stack of coupons to hand to him and he didn't look at those either, just scanned them all through, even though one beeped at him (I think.)

  2. That is a perfect example of a four star cashier...:) I can just picture him, actually guy cashier are usually pretty good to just scan everything, especially the younger ones.