Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Deals of the week

First off, some news about Fresh Market/Albertsons for Utah readers. Pinching your pennies has the details about what stores are actually staying Albertsons and what you can score with your Albertsons card.

Second, there are some good produce coupons on the back, so check those out. There are also lots of deals on baking supplies, mostly Albertsons brand. I suspect these will go lower or similar sales will last on these throughout the month. A couple of quick mini promos too. Buy a Whole Cure 81 ham, get a free Honeysuckle white turkey breast. Also, Idaho potatoes 5 lbs bags are .75, with a .75 coupon available on Gourmet Crispy Onions (not exactly sure what that is, but possibly free potatoes).

Last, there is a catalina promo this week! (If you are confused already, please read this.) Yeah, I am very excited, since these deals have become my favorites. We are going to walk through this one together, to learn a little bit more about catalinas. So first off, it is mainly General Mills products and for some reason they are priced weird, so it makes the math a little complicated. You are not going to hit $30 exactly, but try to get as close as possible to make the best deal. This is how it works, spend $30 get $15 catalina coupon for your next trip. This total is before tax and before coupons. Then you can roll the $15 catalina on another transaction to earn another $15 catalina, repeat, repeat, etc...etc... You do have to divide these up though. You can't spend $60 at once and get $30 back, it will only give you $15. Let's look at matchups first the krazy coupon lady and a thrifty mom. (I am not just going to cut and paste these bloggers posts...so click on over to check out there great lists!)
Look through your stash and head over to http://www.coupons.com and print out Betty Crocker frosting, potatoes, Pillsbury crescents, Kleenex tissues, Progresso soup,Chex mix, Cheerios, Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, Progresso Broth, and Yoplait Delights. Remember these coupons have a set number of prints before they are gone, so print early. There are lots of printables available at the links above too.

**Homework: go through your pantry and your coupons and decide what you need or want. On Thursday, we will work through some possible scenarios. It should be fun to figure this out together!

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