Sunday, November 1, 2009

November deals

What can you get cheap in November?
*For starters, Halloween candy and decorations should go on sale soon and continue until about mid month. It is also a great time to buy costume to use as dress-up. Last year I bought my son a knight and firefighter costume for $3 each and they have been favorites. You might have a wait a couple weeks to get rock bottom prices, but patience will pay off.

*Wedding dresses are cheap now. This is the time stores clear out their inventory and the boutiques are less busy, so maybe you will score an additional discount.

*Let's not forget BLACK FRIDAY! This is an ideal time to buy stereos, TVs, and clothing. This is one of my favorite shopping days of the year! I am thinking this year the stores will have some pretty great deals to try and get you in the door. Do you brave the crowds to get outrageous deals? When it gets closer, I will ask for your deals and stories, so be thinking!

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  1. albertsons had their candy marked to $1 a bag for chocolate and .50 for not chocolate and then also stickers and non fooditems for .10. i spent $10 and got suckers and stickers for next year and saved $75.