Monday, November 16, 2009

Step #10: share

Now you have learned how to coupon, what should you do now? Share with others. There are several ways to share. Tell your friends and neighbors about a hot promo, share your purchases with others, and share your expertise. I wish someone who knew had told me about Rite Aid like 5 years ago. I also wish someone had explain catalinas to me. Let others know, no one should have to pay retail :)

So in the spirit of sharing...Spend $25 on Proctor and Gamble products get a free cookware set via mail. Here is the rebate form and the PYP forum discussing it is here. You only have until Saturday to make your purchases. Don't run out to buy stuff just to get this, but if you need stuff anyway (like Pampers diapers) it's an extra bonus. (Thanks Ami)

Some freebies: Go over to being girl for a generous sampling of Tampax/Always products. Plus get a coupon for a free pack of Always Infinity. I got this last week.

Go to beechnut, fill out the form and get a free cereal coupon and free 2 jars of baby food coupon via mail. I just got mine today.

And Tomorrow and Wednesday is a MACY'S ONE DAY SALE and it is advertised as the biggest one day sale of the year! Best of all there is a coupon for $10 off a $25 purchase. Almost everything is included, even the clearance rack. The coupon is good from store opening until 1 PM each day. Go to and click on the stores link, enter your zip code, and then check out the catalog for your area. Mine was over 60 pages! I am thinking Christmas dresses and coats for my kids. Oh, how I heart Macys!

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  1. I just got back from the Macy's sale. Loved it! I might go back tomorrow if I get more $10 coupons in my paper. Oh, just thought you'd like to know... I found some websites that give a preview of Black Friday sales. They are and

    I've checked them out and they are pretty good. Anyway, happy shopping!