Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Food for Thought

Here is my take on what managers really think of couponers. Of course, just like cashiers there are several levels of couponers. I certainly hope you are a 5 star couponer by now. 5 star couponers are polite, friendly, informed, and stand up for themselves. They don't try to get away with anything though and they don't go ballistic over the refusal of a .50 coupon. So I think if you are a five star couponer...the managers actually like you. Why? Because you come in to the store regularly, so you spend money. They also know that you talk out in the community, whether it is via conversation, blogs, or emails, good deals are shared. So is bad (or good) customer service. Coupons are very "trendy" right now, mostly because of the economy. Good managers know that lots of their customers are going to coupon, so if they don't choose to coupon in their store, they will probably go somewhere else to shop.

I actually dated a grocery manager in a previous life...(he wasn't a manager then) and now through the magic of Facebook, we still chat occasionally. I asked him about this and he said, that yes coupons are a pain, (to redeem) but he also said that he is impressed when a shopper takes time to plan out a shopping trip. I am sure this is how most managers feel. Do you agree with me? Are you a 5 star couponer?

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  1. I hope I'm a 5-star couponer! :-) I try to be courteous because I know they can be a pain for the stores to deal with. I had trouble when I was using competitor ads at Wal-Mart for a while. I learned that the headache of dealing with the cashiers for the small amount of savings just wasn't worth it, so now I just stick with coupons.