Thursday, November 19, 2009

Confession: Team Edward

Okay, true confession time, I am going to the midnight showing of New Moon. Yes, I know, please don't judge, you know we all love a little Edward (or Jacob) :)

BUT did you know you can win Edward's Car? Volvo is giving away a car like Edwards. It is a tricky contest, that runs in six phases. The phases are games/questions that increase in difficulty. (It takes awhile to play, but it is fun!) The first five are out and you can complete them now(google for help if you need it). The sixth phase is released at 12:59 pm EST on Sunday. I am figuring it is something totally obscure from the movie, since the first person to complete it wins the car! Go to this link for all the details, have fun, and good luck!


  1. I am team Jacob for sure. And thanks for throwing up over my christmas decorations! I am going tonight too. OH and I just finished New Moon. I ams a little slow at times