Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Coupon 101: Stacking

Sorry for no post yesterday, it was one of those stranger than fiction days and blogging just did not happen. :(

Deal Diva Secret #2: Most people know you can use one coupon per item or as many items as the coupon states ($1/2...etc), however few know you can use manufacturer's coupons with store coupons to get some great deal! This term is called stacking and fairly simple and straight forward. Some things to remember:

  • Manufacturer's coupons are put out by the manufacturer and will say "manufacturer" on the top. The manufacturer is taking the loss on the product.

  • Store coupons are put out by the store, they are usually a special "sale price" rather than cents or dollars off. The store is taking the loss here. Store coupons will usually say "store coupon" at the top. They might also have the store logo on them. They are usually found in the store ad for the week, by the product, or occasionally come in the mail.

  • If the store mails you a coupon or gives you a coupon that says "manufacturer" on it, but still has the store logo it is still considered a manufacturer's coupon. It is just kosher to use this coupon at the store that gave it to you, as that was the store/manufacturer's intention.

  • The one exception I can think of it Rite Aid. Rite Aid store coupons say manufacturer on the top, but has a RC in front of the bar code. Any Rite Aid coupons (video values, ads, wellness, etc) will have this RC and are store coupons that can be stacked.

*Example from this weeks Albertsons ad:

  • Bar S meat Franks 88 cents with in ad coupon, use $1/2=76 cents for 2! That means buy 2 packages, at check-out give the cashier the store coupon (usually the coupon will have a limit on it, like 4 or something, but even if you buy 4, you only need one store coupon) and the manufacturer's coupon and you will get both packages for 76 cents!

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