Friday, April 9, 2010

Kmart #5: I crashed the register

Cheap soap and free gum today. This is the only soap my husband likes so I used the $1.25 coupon from 3/28 RP and got it for $6.49. The gum was either free or 19 cents for 4 packs!. Some of the packs were already B1G1 (two packages stuck together) and they rang up at $1.19 each, rather than $1 each. I thought it was still a great deal though. The coupon to use is the $1/2 from the 2/28 SS. It will double and you will get two packs for free! If you find the B1G1 packs, you will get four packs for 19 cents!

A funny thing happened when the cashier started to scan my coupons. It said I won a K'Ching reward, but then the computer froze. She had to reboot the whole system and it took forever to restart and then she had to manually enter everything in again. (I also had more non-coupon stuff). Anyway, it "lost" my reward, so I won't ever know what my free coupon was for. :( I still am loving Kmart though! The manager and cashier were so friendly and patient (as they have been all week.) They are especially nice knowing that I am playing by the "rules" and not expecting more. They said a lady came in yesterday with a cartload of "free" items and then got very upset when they told her she could only use 5 coupons! I hope most people are playing by the rules so this will happen more often! Please, please be respectful, honest, and knowledgeable coupon divas. :)

Heading back tomorrow for diapers probably, I was hoping for cheap pull-up wipes, but I can't find them. What are you planning?


  1. I got one of those "rewards" the other day. They never actually showed me the coupon that printed out - the gal just said - "let me run and get that for you." She came back with a travel size tube of toothpaste. It was better than nothing. :) So your reward probably wasn't anything too big.

  2. Oh and I got diapers at Kmart today. I bought two packs of huggies with my $2 coupons doubled and then I was going to buy a whole box of wipes (and give them to my SIL cause she is having a baby next month, cause you know I hate Huggies wipes) but then I found a box of travel wipes for $1.09 which was cheaper than the whole box even with the doubled coupon. So I got my diapers, little thing of wipes and my free juicy juice. I asked the checker and she said they haven't had many problems at all and she hopes they will do doubles again soon.

  3. Wipe snob, lol. Good idea on the travel wipes, I will have to look. I never use the dispenser thing on the wipes boxes because that dries mine out too. I just open and close the whole lid everytime and that seems to help a lot. I think double coupons are the perfect way to reward "card" customers. I have a good feeling about this one.