Thursday, April 22, 2010

I cheated on Rite Aid today...

and went in Walmart. I honestly haven't been there for months! I had a 2 part mission though, 1) I was investigating the "claim" that the All You mags in Walmart have more coupons than the subscription ones. Guess what?!? TRUE!! There was a whole middle insert of ConAgra coupons, probably about $10-$15 worth. That is crazy! I am contacting customer service via email. I suggest you do the same. This is not right, subscribers should get more coupons, not less.

2) I went in to redeem my free Rimmel cosmetic coupon from April All You that says redeem at Walmart. Guess what?!? Walmart, at least mine, doesn't carry Rimmel.

So once again, I was reminded why I hate Walmart. I even found several candiates for people of walmart, but lucky for them I wasn't packing a camera. Seriously, why do people wear stained pjs/sweats and forget to bathe then decide to go shopping, all the while talking profainly. It is worse than R rated movies!

Rite Aid, I am sincerely sorry, I won't be tempted even by free products to Walmart again. Vent over, sorry!

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  1. That is crazy! Why do I pay for a subscription??