Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Albertsons deals...

I went to Albertsons and got some upcoming catalina deals.
  1. Post Cereal, (4/23-5/16), Buy 4 get $3 cat, Buy 5 or more get $4 cat (ANY 10 oz or larger) Wait for a sale...
  2. Buy any combination of 3 Tombstone pizzas or Capri Sun 10 packs (4/25-5/22), Get 2 Free Redbox movie rentals. Again wait for the sale.
  3. Arrowhead water (4/23-5/16) Buy 2 get $2 cat, buy 3 get $3 cat, buy 4 or more get $5 cat (.5 liter 24 packs). Arrowhead is on sale this week 3 for $10, so buy 4, pay $13.33 get back $5. Very good for 4 packs of water, just over $2 per pack.

* Also, there are lots of ConAgra coupons, plus the coupon booklet mail in form in the April All You, but you have to by it at Walmart. For some reason, the subscriptions do not have this middle insert. (I ranted about it in the previous post :)) If you are planning on doing the ConAgra promo deal, it is worth checking out.

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