Monday, April 12, 2010

Holy House Party!

I just looked at house party and there are a lot of new parties to sign up for.

  • Gerber Generations Celebration
  • Hasbro Game Night
  • Soliel Spread the Sunshine
  • Kraft First Taste
  • McDonalds McNuggets and Shrek Forever
  • Bicycle Playing Card
  • Breyers Summer to Remember
  • Ball Fresh Taste of Summer
  • Aquafina Flavor Your Day

House party is a great site! If chosen for a party, you will get a hostess pack that includes coupons, freebies, and fun for you and your guests. It is a great way to learn about new products, get coupons and freebies, and just spread the word on great products while hanging out with friends. Let me know if you get a house party!

UPDATE: I have been selected to host the Bicycle Playing Cards party! Click over and enter with all these parties, you are bound to get one too! Remember to sell your party on your application! Be creative and original!

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