Monday, April 26, 2010


Staples is another store, I am hardly spending any "real" money at! One I factor in my Staples Rewards and ink recycling. Deals this week:
  1. Spend $40 on any combination of case or ream paper and get back $25 in Staples Rewards.
  2. Buy Duracell Batteries, on sale for $9.99 each (20 pack of AA or AAA) and get back $9.99 in Staples Rewards, limit 2.
  3. Ink Recycling, recycle ANY ink cartridge and get $3/cartridge back in Staples Rewards. You can recycle up to 10 per month. This deal is always running.

What is Staples Rewards? Staples Rewards is a program you sign up for. You get an account and a card. Just scan the card when you purchase your items and the Staples Reward items will automatically get credited to your account. About a month later, Staples will mail you a coupon to use at Staples. I use mine to buy what else, but more ink!

Here is a breakdown of my fab deal today:

  1. Bought 2 batteries $19.98
  2. Used a $10 Staples Rewards coupon (rebate amount from previous purchase)
  3. Turned in 10 ink cartridges
  4. Paid $9.98
  5. Will get back $49.98 in Staples Rewards coupons! Looks like more free ink in my future!

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