Monday, April 12, 2010

Couponing 101: Lingo

I was recently talking to a friend, relatively new at couponing, and realized that some deals were "greek" to her. I realized that a two years ago, I had no idea what most of this meant either. I am going to take the next few Mondays and give you 5 secrets to becoming a deal diva. These are the ways to really get the most for your dollar. Secret #1: understand the lingo. Couponers have their language, here is the breakdown:

  • BLINKIE =in-store manufacturer’s coupon near the product, usually from a red blinking box
    BOGO/B1G1 = Buy One Get One
  • CATALINA (or Cat) = Coupon printed at register after purchased
  • DOUBLE COUPON = Coupon that grocery store doubles in value
  • FILLER =item purchased for the deal work, example: using a $1 item to get to the needed $25
  • IP =internet printable coupon (also called printable)
  • GM = General Mills (Newspaper insert)
  • LOSS LEADER = item that a store puts on a fantastic sale, usually losing money on it, in hopes that while you’re in store buying the item, you will buy the rest of your shopping list there
  • OOP =out of pocket
  • OVERAGE=the amount of money made on buying an item (profit), also called Money Maker
  • OYNO=on your next order
  • OOP = Out of Pocket
  • P&G = Proctor & Gamble (Newspaper Insert)
  • Peelie = Coupon you peel off package
  • RP= Red Plum (Newspaper Insert)
  • ROLLING= using a CAT to pay for an item that produces another CAT
  • SCR=Single Check Rebate (Rite Aid's Rebate system)
  • SS= Smart Source (Newspaper Insert)
  • STACKING = Using stores allow multiple use of coupons – manufacturer’s & store coupons or rebates.
  • TEAR PAD = A pad of coupons or MIR near a product or on display

Example of an deal the way I post:

  • Dishsoap $1.29, use 0.50 in ad coupon stacked with 0.75/1 coupon in 1/20 SS=4 cents...meaning dishsoap is on sale for $1.29 the store has a coupon in the ad for 50 cents off which you can use with the 75 cents manufacter's coupon in the January 20 Smart Source insert to get the item for only 4 cents!

For my deals, I usually post an = meaning the amount you will pay at the register.

However, on Rite Aid the = sign is the amount you pay after for the item after the SCR is factored in, meaning your register total will be higher, but you will get reimbursed when you get your SCR check.


  • Razor $5.99
  • SCR $3
  • Use $1/1 from 3/7 RP with $1/1 video values coupon
  • =99 cents...

which means, razors are on sale for $5.99, there is a $3 Single Check Rebate available for this item, use the $1 coupon from the March 7 Red Plum and the $1 off 1 coupon from video values, total cost of item 99 cents (you will pay $3.99 at register, but get reimbursed later)

*What confuses you? What questions do you have?

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