Monday, April 26, 2010

Rite Aid: Random Wellness Discounts

I am LOVING the Wellness program. My favorite part is the "random" discounts. They just pop up on certain items. Even the cashiers are surprised. Today I got $1 off the Schick Hydro razor (making it $7.99, so only $1 out of pocket) and $3 off a Diego toy my son earned. (making it $11.99 instead of $14.99). Here is my favorite though and the best part is I have done this two weeks in a row and it works perfectly!

Umpqua 2% Gallon of Milk $2.49 (screaming deal already, nearly $1 cheaper than grocery stores...) but an extra 50 cents comes off when you use your wellness card. $1.99 for a gallon of "name brand" milk! EVERYDAY!!!

One other deal to note, use the B1G1 Free coupon for Reach Toothbrushes from the 12/6 RP to get 2 toothbrushes for free after rebate!

What Wellness discounts have you found lately?


  1. For real? Milk costs that much there?

  2. Just another overpriced thing in the great Northwest.grrr. I can get generic brand milk for around $2 a gallon with a sale, but not Umpqua (our local dairy). It is so much better that I usually get it anyway, so I was excited to find this> I guess I am a milk snob? I am scared to ask, but how much is milk out there?

  3. I usually buy it around $1.65 a gallon. I guess I've never really considered milk having a name brand. I just get the cheap ones. So maybe it's the same here, I don't know.

  4. I tried last night with Whole Milk to see if I got anything off and it didn't. So I am wondering if it's only the 2%.

  5. Thanks for letting us know Brooke. Still a good price without the discount though.