Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kmart Day 2!

Love, love, loving Kmart this week! Here is what I got for $11.29, plus I got a $5 catalina. The PJs were on sale for $1.99! They are flannel Joe Boxer, regularly $16.99 (remember when Joe Boxer wasn't a Kmart brand, lol) I bought them a size up but, apparently winter is lasting forever, so they can wear them now!! They also have adult sizes and they are so comfy. Check the clearance bins... On to the catalina:

I just went for $20 because it was the best overall deal with the coupons I had. I bought

  • 4 Soft Scrub Kitchen/Bathroom cleaner $2.99, use $1.50/1 from 3/7 RP or $1/1 from April All You, or $1/1 to get it for Free or 50 cents! I only had one $1.50 coupon :(
  • 2 Right Guard on sale for $2.50, use $1.50/1 from coupons.com, FREE (only one doubled because I had six coupons)
  • Purex $3.33 because I needed a $3 ish filler. Also Dial hand soap pumps are $1 each, nice filler.

If you have 5 Soft Scrub $1.50 coupons, you only need to find a $5.05 in filler item, pay $5.05 and get $5 back!!! $20 worth of product for a nickel!! (even less if you have coupons for your filler item, it won't double, but you can use more than 5)

I also found a couple of new catalinas.

  1. Scrubbing Bubbles/Fantastik, Spend $8 get $2 catalina, Spend $15 get $5 lots of coupons in the 3/21 SS and also check out afullcup.com list, too many printables to list.
  2. Clorox, Spend $15 get a coupon for a free Glad trash bag, up to $5.49?. Not a lot of available coupons. I do have some $1.50/2 coupons that I got from a doctor's office or something and there are a few printables at afullcup.com, but they are over $2.

Final thought, I have read a few bloggers and comments complaining about only 5 coupons per day. I am liking it, it makes transactions much easier, the ability to roll catalinas, plus no thinking on the cashier's part and very little on yours! Plus in and out quick with the kids. A+ on this for Kmart so far!


  1. Just got back from my first trip and I happy with my purchases! Spent $3.00 total and got some great stuff. I'm loving doubles!

  2. just make sure you give them your card first. the kmart here was very frustrated when the cashier they had ringing people up kept forgetting ask for it so the service desk had to rering people up but first return the items. it was a pain for them. I overheard it and made sure i had my card out and ready when i got there. I spent $19 (because I got pullups and hair dye) but I saved $19 so I was happy with my purchases. I will go tomorrow without the kids so I can go up and down the aisles with my coupon book.